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Maxi dresses are versatile

Weekend and holiday wear

Maxi dresses are great for weekend wear or holidays in spring or summer. A maxi dress or skirt covers your legs but, at the same time, lets the breeze through. They are a good garment to wear for a sunny, hot climate, as your legs can get burnt as much as any other part of your body. Choose a natural material like cotton, viscose, or silk jersey.
Also, when travelling to Muslim countries, it's better to cover your legs and shoulders if you want to be left alone (mostly), and also be allowed into places of worship. You may also need to cover your head also, so carry a scarf with you. The same goes for most churches and cathedrals. If you don't want to comply with this policy, you will have to forgo that particular visit: church authorities are never flexible with women's attire.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dress for day

Day to night

If the material of the maxi dress is some sort of jersey that doesn't wrinkle, that makes them very comfortable and great for travelling too. On the plane, they are very convenient, as they double as travel wrap when temperatures plummet during a flight or train trip. Versatility is key when planning your travelling wardrobe: any piece brought with you should help create at least two different outfits, and it should be possible to dress up or down some of those pieces for different occasions.You actually need very few items to go from day to night.
  1. Retouch your basic makeup. Go for shine (gloss, even sparkly, on lips, eyes, or even body makeup) or a pop of colour on your lips. (Re-)Apply perfume.
  2. Change your shoes and handbag. If you have been standing all day or walking, chances are you are too tired to use heels, so get hold of a great pair of glittery or metallic flats.
  3. Add statement pieces. A sequined shrug or cardigan, a costume jewellery statement necklace, cuff bracelet or bangle, or earrings. All of the pieces have to build on the items that have been worn for the day.
You can read more on packing for a holiday following the label Travelling, and more on changing from day to night following Versatility - Day to night.
Maxi dresses are versatile

Maxi dresses are versatile
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