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How to shop for a maxi dress

Maxi dresses, although very comfortable and versatile, are not the easiest style to wear. Before buying one, do consider the following points.
Your Body type
Read a bit about your Body type to know something about what to look for when shopping for a maxi dress.
  • Body type A.
  • Other names for Body type As are: triangle, pear shape, or A shape.
  • Body type B.
  • Other names for Body type Bs is hourglass..
  • Body type C.
  • Other names for Body type Cs are: inverted triangle, or apple.
Your height
Maxi dress for day

The material
  1. There's a lot of material in a maxi dress, and that can add up. That means that the wider the silhouette created by the dress, the taller you have to be so you are not swamped by it.
  2. Always go for a non artificial material, like viscose, cotton, silk or a mixes of those materials. Polyester will tend to stick to your legs and is awfully hot in the sun.
  3. Beware of slinky jersey fabrics that will keep stretching while you're wearing them, because the dress will start dragging on the floor. 
  4. Petites and average size women should stick to very light materials (like gauze or voile in silk or cotton), trying to add the least amount of volume.
The cut
  1. Go for narrow silhouettes, especially if you are not tall.
  2. Choose a cut fitted around the upper body so you are not all volume. 
  3. Choose the best waist line for your bust and torso size: either a cut under the bust (an empire cut, best for Body type As, who have a smaller upper body), or at normal waist height (the best for Body type Bs), or slightly above (at the slimmest part of the torso, good for Body type Cs).
  4. Uncomplicated styling will help create a long, unbroken line. Horizontal detailing like flounces or tiers (like in a peasant style) also detract from height unless you are very tall.
The pattern
  1. Go for solids or very small patterns to get the most of your maxi dress: a polka dot, for instance, is a classic. Big or loud patterns give big impact, but think about how likely it will be to wear it even next season.
  2. No colour blocking or horizontal patterns, stripes or otherwise, to help create a long, unbroken line, unless you are tall.
Maxi dresses
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