Who is Caroline?

A bit about me as individual...
I consider myself a citizen of the world with no specific nationality, as I was born in one country, then moved while still a child to another, then to another as an adult, and then another and another and another. I was born in 1972, so I know the world before Internet and even home PCs.
I have two degrees, one in Law and one in History with a major in Latin American Anthropology. I speak English, Spanish, French ,Swedish and Danish. I'm a language professional: I work as scientific editor (freelance and for an international scientific journal) and also language teacher, but I have also worked as a librarian for some years.
I'm quite passionate about everything I do and I'm decidedly rigorous: I don't like giving opinions that are not founded on fact or thorough research, and if I don't know something, I ask or find out for myself. I apply to styling the same rigour.
... and a bit about me as a stylist
I had been the unofficial stylist and personal shopper for my friends, female and male, for a decade when I moved to Sweden and could not advise them any more. I decided I couldn't take the fashion withdrawal, so I started my blog to be able to reach more people.
I would say that my philosophy as a stylist is the joy of self acceptance: instead of defining ourselves by the part of our body that makes us feel worse in the changing room, we have to see ourselves as a whole, understand our silhouette and colouring, accept it and move on. A good understanding of your body is not only key to feeling happy about yourself, but also to building a successful wardrobe that goes with that happy person.
I think when you are over 35 you definitely come into your own and even start having a bit more time for yourself after having children or a really intense professional career (both very demanding options). You may also be dissatisfied with the youth and thinness obsession most of the media and the fashion world share.
Do visit my Statement of purpose to know about the philosophy behind the blog!

As blogger
It has been two years since I started this blog. I think I have found a blogging style for myself, and writing and re-writing posts is what I do... I have to confess I'm a perfectionist.
I decided quite early on that the blog would not be about my style and show pictures of what I am wearing (and, consequently, what I can afford to wear). It was going to be about reaching out to other women and sharing what I know about style (you can read more on my Statement of purpose). On the other hand, as time went on, I got the impression that it was kind of unfair that readers were sending me photographs (to help them determine their season palette, choosing an outfit for a specific occasion, etc.) but there were almost no personal references and no photos of me in the blog or what was going on in my head when I was writing a post, so I started adding some information about me and my whereabouts through the Caroline in the WWW label -which should be read as "Caroline in the World Wide World"- and a photo or two here and there.
About the topics I wanted to cover, I think I have it more or less down now. I am interested in style (as I define it in the page above the blog, Own Your Style) more than I am in fashion. Trends interest me only as interesting news and as opportunities to stock up on things I like, or to find out about something or someone out there that connects with me. I am not interested in impractical anything (like ridiculously high heels, or not wearing hosiery when you should be because otherwise you will freeze). I am not that kind of rebel. I think most things proposed every season come from designers, mostly male, that actually do not like women or their bodies, I'm sorry to say.
I am interested in women in the public sphere, both in history and in the present. I am also interested in women's visibility and representation in all fields, including pop culture (visual and written), in the idea that one feeds the other and viceversa, because I think we are under- and mis-represented in the media and academia much too often.