Friday, August 24, 2012

How to wear jumpsuits

Why jumpsuits?

Jumpsuits are uncomplicated to wear, very much in the same way dresses are: one piece and you are (mostly) dressed. They are also easy to accessorize and make them work for different moments of the day. Depending on the cut, jumpsuits can offer an unbroken line visually that is very flattering for all Body types.

Choose the right material, cut, and pattern. And it has to fit.

These three points are of paramount importance in the case of jumpsuits, perhaps even more so than for other garments. A brief look at the myriad of designs out there whenever jumpsuits are fashionable, lets you appreciate how tacky they can easily go: animal prints in cheap jerseys, for instance, have been a common sight on the racks.
  • Material. Always go for a non artificial material, like viscose, cotton or silk for summer, or wool and tropical wool for winter.
  • Cut. Either a well cut, straight simple silhouette that helps create a long, unbroken line (a crease along the pants leg helps), or a loose, draping fit. Some draping on the bust, in any case, can help those who carry weight there. Avoid second skin jumpsuits: you would be in Catwoman territory.
  • Pattern. Go for solids or very small patterns to get the most of your jumpsuit: a small polka dot, for instance, is a classic. Big or loud patterns give big impact, but think about how likely it will be to wear it even next season. Avoid pinstripes.
  • Fit. Wear the jumpsuit in the changing room. Ideally, the zip should be placed on the back and not the side. Think "Was it easy to get in?". Then, check the crotch: it shouldn't hang low or be tight (that would mean the jumpsuit is either too long or too short for you). If that's the case, discard it and try another one. Move around in it and check that it doesn't pull anywhere.

Styling tips for jumpsuits
Salome Updated by Caroline Grant. A very classic yet modern take on work wear. The key is in the simplicity of the jumpsuits' cut and the elegant accessories. Prints from the Aestheticism movement:

Bastyan Belted red coat SOLD OUT / Oasis Jumpsuit, SOLD OUT / Reiss Jasmine pumps / Radley Black work bag SOLD OUT Other work bags by Radley / Trina Turk Mosaic pendant necklace / Marni Pyrite brooch / Aspinal of London Leopard print canopy umbrella / Agent Provocateur Leopard-print driving glove / Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Polish / Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick.

Styling tips for different body types:

You can check which is your body type by clicking on each link.
  • Body type A. Finding the right jumpsuit can be a bit of a challenge for this body type, as it usually has at least one size difference between upper and lower body. Body Type A's best bet is probably to have one altered (buying the right size for the lower body, and then having the upper body taken in) or made to measure. Go for a straight leg or a slight flare in a firm material (but fluid, not stiff), pair with a shoulder-widening neckline: slash neck or boat neck (visually balancing) and a great necklace, brooch or chandelier earrings to draw attention to your upper body.
  • Body type B. Straight leg or slight flare, and the neckline that suits their bust best. It is best to keep it simple (no frills there, to avoid looking top heavy).
  • Body type C. Straight leg or flare. In contrast with Body type As, Body type Cs need to pay attention not to accentuate the line of their shoulders: eg. a racerback would create the illusion of bigger shoulders, as would spaghetti straps.
Advice for all Body types. The taller you are, the wider the leg that can worn without being swamped by it. Tall women, for instance, can wear very wide legs like the palazzo cut but Petites should abstain from them, at least in general, unless the material is very light (like gauze or silk) and doesn't add any volume, and they are willing to wear high heels or a combo of high heels and a small to medium platform to help with height.
You can read more on styling tips for Tall women here, and here for Petite women.

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