Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Clear Winter palettes: Best colours

About their colours
The colours that suit Clear Winters best are similar to the Clear Springs', but stronger and deeper. Clear Winters usually have dark, striking eyebrows that frame their jewel-like eyes, both of which contrast greatly with their skin tone. This contrast is the reason why, when choosing outfits, Clear Winters look their best when contrasting their darker neutrals with ligther shades.

Best neutrals:
  • Black and charcoal.
  • Dark brown is best on hazel-eyed Clear Winters.
  • Navies and grays.
Other colours:
  • Icy colours: not pastel colours but the palest shades of blue, pink, green, blue, yellow... ie. white with tinges inside and no black (which would turn the shades muddy).
  • Vibrant blues and greens.
  • Reds that contain just the right amount of blue.
Colour combinations:
  • Icy violet and purple, icy pink with charcoal gray...
  • True blue and black.
  • Weaves mixing neutrals: for instance, taupe and black, or gray and navy. 

Clear Winter palettes: Blues, greens, and yellows
Clear Winter palettes: Blues, greens, and yellows by Caroline Grant. These shades of blue and green will make Clear Winter's eyes really stand out.

Clear Winter palettes: Purples, reds, and pinks
Clear Winter palettes: Purples, reds, and pinks by Caroline Grant. Purples, reds, and pinks with plenty of blue inside. There are a couple of "neon" colours in this palette.

Clear Winter palettes: Blacks and grays
Clear Winter palettes: Blacks and grays by Caroline Grant. Black  and greys for Clear Winters. Coffee brown is a better option for Clear Winters with hazel eyes than for those with blue eyes.



  1. Thank you so much, this is really helpful! : )

  2. Thank you Caroline! Your blog is wonderful and the way you present the palettes are beautiful to view. When I was 20 years younger, I was told I was a winter. Now I've been narrowed down to a Clear winter even though I have dark brown eyes, the high contrast of my skin and hair color is apparently what did that. I was happy to read the palettes for both are similar. I secretly wish I was a deep Autumn though, lol! I LOVE their colors...anyway, that's about me, one of your readers that appreciates what you have done for us :) Thanks again!

    1. Hi Michelle!
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. Would you mind sending me some photos so I can give you my opinion about your colours? I have some doubts about you being a Clear Winter... The instructions are in the "Contact Caroline" page above, OK?

    2. Thank you Caroline, I sent some photos last night.