Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to choose a work bag I

How important is your work bag? It's ESSENTIAL
First, it represents you as a working woman. Look at it as a bigger business card.
Second, you will spend many hours with it, so you need to choose carefully, as it needs to perform at its best.
Third, it's expensive, so you need to choose how to spend your hard-earned money wisely.
Three types
How to choose a work bag.
Work Bags DOs and DONT's
  1. Do consider it an investment and buy the best quality you can afford: a work bag represents you a a working woman and need to make some serious carrying around, so a better quality will make the bag last longer and look better in the process. Do not go for leather synthetics (often described as leatherette, faux leather, or leather feel).
  2. Test drive any work bag in the shop by putting your own bag into it and carry it around, checking for comfort.
  3. Avoid a bag that is already heavy when empty. You don't need to carry additional weight: your back will thank you for it.
  4. Do take care of your work bag. Clean it and avoid spillages inside.
  5. Do chose a basic colour that goes well with all your coats: black, brown, and beige or taupe suit most wardrobes. Red is a happy option and goes with everything too!
  6. Inside pockets.You need to get to your stuff fast to look professional.
  1. No kiddies' stuff for work: no cartoon characters (unless you work as creative at Pixar's, I guess), or WORSE animal-shaped bags (agggghhhhh!). Not grown-up.
  2. No bags that show every bump (a Longchamp Le Pliage may be a great shopping bag, but not a work bag!). Not polished.
  3. No backpacks. The shoulder straps will ruin your top and the bag will bounce against your bottom. A big don't.
If it's an emergency, rent your work bag!
These two sites make their business you get your bag when you need it:
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