Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to choose a work bag II

How to choose a work bag II
Go for sophisticated classic shapes in basic colours , in leather or canvas with leather trimmings. Show off your personality with a different pattern (the J Crew leopard tote), colour (the Whistles Francoise tote, or the Radley Mary Portas shopper in orange and black) or detail (the Sophie Hulme bag has metallic plaques, it's tough). The red Cambridge satchel bag goes well with anyone in academia, but also with bohemian and creative types.


What to look for:
  • A structured shape, preferably in leather. If you go with fabric, make sure it keeps it form and doesn't crumble when laid on a surface.
  • A flat bottom with studs. A minimum of six will keep your bag from grazing the floor (the bag will sag a bit in the middle if you are carrying weight: so you need two additional studs there).
  • What to avoid: 
  • A handle that doesn't keep on your shoulder when wearing a coat. A nightmare!


What to look for:
  • Optional across body/shoulder strap. For those moments when you need your hands free (for instance, in a crowded underground car). Studs are good too if you are planning on placing it occasionally on the floor.
  • One that can also go under your arm: check that the straps are long enough (the "drop") to just fit under your arm with your coat on.
  • A secure closure. Preferably, in the form of a zip, as magnetic clasps play havoc with anything magnetized (travel cards, credit cards...).
What to avoid
  • Handles that dig into your hand: always go for padded straps and handles.
  • Artificial materials that will tear and peel. It's throwing away your money and people DO notice. 
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