Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hispanitas SS 2012: Glove Collection review.

  1. The shoes are indeed comfortable and well made, using supple leathers, dip-dyed (the blog says "tie-dyed", but that's not what he's doing...), with flexible constructions (i.e. "Glove") in different heel heights.
  2. Staples: ballerinas, round toe pumps and sandals.
  3. Some edgy, modern designs, but as far as I can see, only with 3"+ heel height, so partly, a con.
  1. They always favour a round toe.
  2. They have tried to use colours in this collection, but apparently only in their flat sandals, as I can see only red, blue (your standard navy variety), and uninteresting nudes.
  3. Their flat sandals are full of girly details like butterflies and cutsey flowers. A big NO.
  4. Their website is still a nightmare to navigate. Let them take a survey on their users and see for themselves.
  5. What happened to their great handbag collection?

My suggestions for future collections:

  1. Some pointed toe flats, please! They elongate the leg and are great for people with not so thin calves.
  2. Edgy designs with lower heels, please!
  3. Flat sandals are either old-ladyish (ie. the vamp is too high) or too girly (butterflies and cutsey flowers, a big NO). Give us some great strappy sandals with a bit of an edge!
Hispanitas - Great Spanish shoes
These are my picks 2012's Hispanitas Glove collection.

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