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Best dresses for Body type A

Best cuts

These are the best dresses for Body type A women:
  • Empire dress: a type of dress where the waistline is above the natural one, often just below the bust. The emphasis is on the upper part of the body, especially with an interesting décolletage (look for wide oval or V-neck at mid chest necklines), or with embellishments on the bodice (look for pleating, ruching, flounces, or horizontal trims). Empire dresses contribute to create the illusion of length that is especially good for Petite Body type As.
  • Wrap dress: a type of dress that creates a V-shaped neck and can be easily adjusted in the bust and then to the hips. Same characteristics as above in detailing and cut.


  • Fluid fabrics, that can drape, but not cling (lightweight knits, for instance, would cling and reveal every detail of your undergarments), that are firm, but not stiff, and matte, not shiny.
  • An A-line skirt, that eases into a fuller shape smoothing over hips, bottom, and thighs. 
  • Hemmed to knee length, to elongate the line of the body but not shortening the leg visually.
  • Solid colours or tonal patterns consistent in size and spacing (all over small or medium pattern).
  • Less or no detailing in the skirt of the dress. Anything creating a focus of attention is best reserved for the top. That means no appliqués, flounces, horizontal or oversized patterns.

Empire Dress
Empire Dress by carol-grant featuring Aspinal of LondonBest dresses for Body type A: Empire Dress by Caroline Grant. A printed flower dress accentuates the area under the bust, combining coral, grays and browns that continue in the sandals, the bag, and the scarf. The cardigan has very wide lapels, helping to balance upper and lower body. The sandals help create a long uninterrupted line for the legs (V-shaped vamp in a nude colour).
Cutie Chiffon Dress / Alexander McQueen Tweed Knit Cardigan / Chie Miara Josie Sandals in Lavender / Hispanitas Handbag / Aspinal of London Chain & Pearls Scarf / Marni Runway Short Necklace / Jane Norman Pyramid Ring / Clarins Quartel Mineral Palette Eyeshadow / Dolce&Gabbana Shine Lipstick in Perfection.

Best dresses for Body type As

Best dresses for Body type As: Wrap Dress by Caroline Grant. A wrap dress in terracotta adapts to a Body type A's figure. The flounces keep the attention on the upper body. [Style: Urban Tweed.]
Sonia Rykiel Ruffle Wrap Dress / Closet Lace Cardigan / Burberry Prorsum Woven Clutch Handbag / Hobbs NW3 Kite Slingback Sandals / Extasia Charm Du Jour Bracelet / Estée Lauder Lipstick in Modern Mercury / Guerlain Terra Inca Eyeshadow.

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This post was first publish in "The Red Lipstick. Own Your Style" August 19th 2012 . It has been edited and re-posted May 20th 2016.

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