Monday, February 24, 2014

A little extra in the middle: Trousers

How can trousers help with a little extra in the middle?
  1. High-waisted styles, as the material will mold over your middle and make it stand out. This is made worse if you are short-waisted, because the high waist will shorten the length of your upper body.
  2. Extremely low-waisted styles that will create a straight line across your hips and bottom, especially if your bottom is flat-ish and/or your legs not very long. Any extra in the middle will inevitably spill over (plus love handles) and become truly uncomfortable when you bend or sit down. 
  3. Very slim, pyjama or harem trousers that will accentuate the difference between your upper and lower body and giving you the appearance of an inverted triangle.
  1. A mid-rise pair of trousers, just 1-2" below your navel. Try different styles and see what you like.
  2. Straight-legged trousers.
  3. Wide-legged trousers, but a pair that fit around the hips and then slowly flairs out (i.e. not from already has a lot of material around the hips).

Blue Leopard

Blue Leopard by Caroline Grant. A perfect outfit for the office, in subtle gray, gray-blues and black: professional but showing personal style. The trousers would hit just one inch below your navel, thus visually cutting your middle, and not adding volume, as the front in flat. The blouse, in silk, adds an elegant leopard print to the ensemble but not volume with its subtle lines and print, and the necklace, subtle texture. They are by two Scandinavian designers: Malene Birger (the blouse) and Monies (the necklace).

Karen Millen Trousers / Malene Birger Diae Blouse / Oasis Leather Jacket / Hobbs Harriet Handbag / Ann Taylor Slingback Shoes / Monies Necklace / Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in Almond and Nail Lacquer in Caramel.

Slimming tips: Mid-rise jeans

Mid-rise Classic 5-pocket Jeans by Caroline Grant. You are ready for casual Friday (or weekend brunch) with this outfit. Red, blue and white is a winning combination always, and the leopard booties add just that special touch to a classic. The button-down and the jacket are perfect for a full middle, and so is a classic 5-pocket pair of jeans that hits below your navel. High-waisted jeans or 80s jeans or "mom's jeans" (my least favourite expression ever) are a really bad option for anybody, but especially for those with a belly. Same goes with extremely low styles, which are uncomfortable at best and highlight your middle... while also making you look short-legged. No compromises here, ladies. Really.

GAP Long and Lean Jeans / Eickhoff Seaside Blazer / Hobbs NW3 Carolina Blouse / Dooney & Burke Tassel Handbag / Hobbs Zeta Booties / Amrita Singh Remsey Earrings / Oscar de la Renta Seagrass Ring / Tom Ford Lipstick in Jasmin Rouge / Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Coral Blame.
Additional illusions of curviness
  1. A pair of jeans with a yoke in the back and no pockets (or, alternatively, small, separated pockets).  
  2. Shapewear that slims your middle. Obviously. Just a cami or a body will do the trick here.
  3. Shapewear that lifts the bottom or provides padding for roundness. Its all a question of proportion... Look in your favourite brand's website under "Solutions" or "Enhancements". For instance, Wacoal briefs or long leg shapers, or Frederick of Hollywood's padded panties which, I have to say, look quite ridiculous, but maybe it's just the photo, because Oprah does recommend them on her webpage.

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