Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Illusionist

The illusionist
I guess we could define as "illusionist" tricks any knowledge you apply to dressing that makes you look more proportionate, taller and leaner. If you want to, of course.
Think about SPF, TRL and the AUL*
The idea of proportion between your upper and lower body is one of the keys to your best silhouette. When you are dressed in the right silhouettes for you, you are half way to looking your best.
Go to Own Your Style Decalogue 6 to learn about Sihouette, Fit and Proportion (SPF), The Right Length (TRL) and the Almighty Unbroken Line (AUL).

Complement all of the above with your best garments according to your Body type.
Second, be your best friend in front of the mirror
Yes, even in front of those in changing rooms (bad bad mirrors and even "badder" lighting).

Love your body. Apart from health issues, your silhouette and size are those that make you who you are.
Consider your body from a 360º perspective, ie. from all angles, as a whole.
Strike up a balance between upper body and lower body. Your clothes should help you achieve a balanced silhouette and make your body look proportionate. Accordingly:
  • Dress simply what you want to downplay or de-emphasize.
  • Reserve embellishment, colour, pattern, and trendy items for what you want to highlight (the ones that flatter you, obviously).
Think about the point where any garment hits you.

Obsess about your perceived faults. It is not only a waste of time, it is also highly detrimental for your self-esteem. Everybody has something they do not like... the wisest just gleefully disregard them or concentrate on accentuating their best features.
Evaluate items based on how the look on other people. The fashion industry proposes different proportions and fits every season, but you should only choose what is best for you.
Buy something because it is trendy. Don't fret about trendy items not looking good on you. Buy what flatters you and nothing else. People will think "there goes a woman with personality".

Taupe and Green

AUL and Tonal Combination for Body type A by Caroline Grant. This outfit creates an AUL for a Body type A that reaches just below her knees, and then continues to the boots. All the ensemble is a tonal combination (if you imagine this image in B&W, there is no significant contrast between the different pieces, ie. an AUL has been created t-dah!). The jacket gives a bit of additional volume to the upper body, structuring the shoulders and torso with the medium (in width and length) lapels. Body type As can also wear really bulky necklaces that will not make them look too busty.

Jack Wills Austerberry Blazer Jacket / Valentino Macramé and Lace Dress / Zara Die Cast Shopper Handbag / Calvin Klein Medium Handbag / Charles by Charles David Cory Boots / Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace and Ring / NARS Lipstick in Casablanca / NARS Nail Lacquer in Cha Cha Cha

Strategic Colourblocking

Strategic Colourblocking for Body type C by Caroline Grant. The central cross effectively divides the dress in two but does not create a weird crusader effect because the black stripes on the sides (also creating an illusion of a narrower waist together with the peplum in the jacket) complement the central one. This jacket is probably the most streamlined a Body type C can choose. Body type Cs usually have great legs, so ankle boots are a good option for them. If they are long-waisted, ankle boots should be paired with tights in the same colour, elongating the leg.

Oasis Leather Jacket / Marks & Spencer Grid Dress / Jane Hopkinson Lime Wedge Handbag / Clarks La Cecile Ankle Boots / Marni Earrings / Lucky Brand Ring / NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave / Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Smoke Red.

Gray and Coral

Balancing Lines for Body type B by Caroline Grant. Body type Bs have proportioned bodies but that does not mean they can dress carelessly, especially if they are petite (or almost, like myself). The horizontal stripes in the skirt, although more or less subtle, are counterbalanced with the slash neck. The jacket creates an AUL with the skirt and the shoes in gray. Nude or pearl gray hosiery, please, for optimum results.

Hobbs Cheam Jacket / Karen Millen Herringbone Skirts / Marni Woven Handbag / Söfft Mossele Shoes / Marni Brooch / Modernist Gold Hoop Earrings / Urban Decay Palette in Naked / NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave / Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Smoke Red.

Additionally, more rabbits can come out of your magic hat, and those are the ones that will be labelled as "The Illusionist". So... welcome to the series!

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