Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Own Your Style Decalogue 8. Express Yourself.

Self-expression and individuality
Having your own personal style, is a great way of expressing your personality and it should belong to everyone of us.
We belong to the same culture and therefore we share ideas about elegance, fashion and modesty, but we still should look for ways of expressing ourselves in unique ways. Far from being the slaves of consumer culture, we can navigate it with individuality and, hopefully, at least a bit of a conscience. The possibilities are virtually infinite, most importantly because human beings joyfully come in many colours, shapes and heights, but also because personality matters, and so does cultural background.
In this blog, you will not find ways to imitate someone else's style. I do like writing sometimes about the style of female characters (for instance, Joan Harris from Mad Men) or public figures who show a distinctive personality when dressing (Madeline Albright comes immediately to mind), but the aim is not to copy, but to see how other women have developed a personal (and unique) style of their own. The aim of this blog is that you end up looking, each in you own style, really good.
Do you know Bill Cunningham? He is a New York Times institution who is a great fan of individuality. What is most striking in his series of videos "On the Street", is how much joy he gets out other people's fashion expressions, their spontaneity and creativity. He has seen decades of style (he is in his 70s now) in one of the most fashionable cities in the world but remains un-jaded. His attitude is contagious. And democratic.
What is great personal style
When you think a person has great style, what do you mean exactly? You mean that what she (or he) wears really suits her. You can then see a piece of clothing and think: "That is so she".
Also, that person's clothes simply seem to "just look better". That means her clothes really fit and compliment her, even look expensive. Why? Because they are in the right colours (that suit her complexion, make her eyes shine), in the right cut and materials (the most flattering for her body shape, height and built, and probably the best quality she can afford). She may even look taller and slimmer because she has created a long, unbroken line with her outfit. Well, it can be the same thing for everybody.
This process of developing or keeping a great personal style is fun... and also a lot of work, at least at the beginning, if you do not know who you are or if your wardrobe does not reflect you.
From studies to work, from one position to another (different requirements), having children, moving (from one country to another or inside the same one to a different lifestyle or weather or mores). All these affect your wardrobe, and maybe it has been a long time since you have had time for yourself.
In the meantime, your body has changed. Instead of looking at yourself in the mirror and lamenting what it was and could be, assess it as objectively as you can and take pride and pleasure in it. You deserve it.
Your wardrobe can be an ally in presenting yourself to the world. How you get there is the objective of this blog.

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  1. I'm very pleased to have found your blog. Your writing and attitude is full of gentle positivity with great instruction of how to take control of your wardrobe and your style. Thank you.