Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chunky Sweater DONTs

Sweater and the City
Let me start by saying I’m not a sweater person. I used to, but then, in these days of central heating and crowded (and not very well ventilated) public transportation, not to mention the occasional hot flush, it is often a hassle to wear one except in the coldest days. It is difficult to keep cool (and I mean cool, not cold) in constantly changing temperatures, so I have slowly all but abandoned them in favour of cardigans, as a layer that you can quickly shed at the drop of a flush...

The current sweater trend: DONTs
It features:
  1. Silly or cutesy motives. In my view, this is a juvenile option for us ladies. If you want to wear them with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, you will need to think long and hard about the rest of the ensemble, or wear them in the privacy of your home.
  2. Thick, chunky knits in baggy, oversized silhouettes. This makes you bigger on top, hiding your shape at best (which, needless to say, is something to avoid for ALL sizes and body types) and transforming you into an ice cream cone at worst. Consider if this is what you want.
Icecream Fashion

Icecream Fashion... is it for you? by Caroline Grant. A teenager would look adorable in these, but not ladies, please.

Set on the right: Le Petit Lucas du Tertre for Monoprix Perroquet Sweater / Autre Ton for Monoprix Organic Cotton Trousers / Robert Zur Troy Loafers.

Set on the left: Monoprix Femme Renard Sweater / Autre Ton for Monoprix Flannel Trousers / Burberry Pencombe Loafers.

What to favour
Instead of going for the trendy, go for a classic chunky sweater such as a Fair Isle, Aran or Gansey, or something Nordic, like a Marius. These and other patterns (do please feel free to share with other readers through the comments section) are no-nonsense pieces that serve a purpose, keep tradition alive and make for great investment pieces.
Obviously, aim at hand knitted -which does not mean it is obvious it is handmade, there should be some sleekness to it- and the very best possible quality materials. That means wool and wool blends with silk, cotton... Avoid acrylic and other synthetic fibres: they make you sweat and do not age well.
If you are lucky enough to have one that has been hand knitted by someone with love, do keep it and cherish it!
When to favour them
Keep chunky sweaters in context: outdoors, countryside, home.. You will always be age-appropriate and dressed for the occasion, instead of making people wonder (I admit, only the evil ones, but they do exist) where you have left your skis.

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