Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spanx Review: High-Waisted Tight-End Tights

Spanx Ladies
Spanx Ladies by Caroline Grant featuring Spanx tights in Black, Emerald Glow, Craisin and Bittersweet.
These are completely opaque, medium thick tights (I would say around 50-60 DEN*). They mostly stay put just were they are supposed two: below the bust line. My personal technique is to pull them up slightly over that line so they slide slide a bit down and then place the bra on top, and they do stay there. I use my own underwear beneath them. As you keep using them, they tend to stretch and they tend to slide, so I have added bra straps to them.
They look good quality and they are. A pair of black ones will last you two autumn/winter seasons of continuous use, and even after that time they are more likely to peel (ever so slightly) than to run down, so there's no need to carry a spare with you (something I recommend in general). They are also very flattering, as they create a smooth, uninterrumpted line under your dress or skirt+blouse. I do not recommend them with trousers, though, they give you uni-bottom. They flatten stomach and thighs slightly, and they keep you warm in winter. What else can one ask from tights?
If you are wondering about going to the restroom with these, they have an opening between the legs that is easy to use, so you don't have to pull them down and then up every time you need to visit it. 
Sizing goes from A to G, and I find them true to size. I'm a 5ft4"/1.62cm tall woman whose weight has oscillated between 58 and 68Kg/127 and 150 pounds. At my slimmest, I go with size A, and at my not-so-slim, with a size B, which is a bit long for me at the torso, but I manage perfectly.
You may find it hard to get in them the first two times and even sweat a bit doing so, but it's worth it.
Colour Range
It varies from the US to Europe. There are four basic colours: black, navy, brown and gray. In Europe you can also have green, purple and maroon. Specifically:
  1. black: really black. Great.
  2. bittersweet: not really coffee-coloured but more like dusty dark brown. OK.
  3. charcoal: not at all, but a darkish brownish gray. A pity, I wanted charcoal.
  4. nightcap navy: very deep navy. Satisfying.
  5. emerald glow: not at all, rather a dark matte pine green going to spruce. Pretty nonetheless.
  6. amethyst: a light plum colour. Pretty.
  7. craisin: a darkish maroon. Pretty.
All the colours are wearable any season, not just when coloured tights are especially fashionable. They are matte and even a bit muted... perfectly grown up.

*DEN or "denier" express the thickness of the material: the lower the number, the finer the material. Sheer pantyhose would typically be 10 or 15 DEN, medium coverage 30 or 40 DEN, and thick ones would go over 70 DEN. Denier does NOT imply whether the pantyhose is opaque or shiny.

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