Friday, April 19, 2013

Jelly Editorial: Don't get too crazy

Let me tell you I have been rising my eyebrow at jelly anything for a year now. And not only at the items themselves, but at the prices. I was not a jelly/rubber woman anything, especially in colourful items. Actually, I had completely discarded them as anything but pool or seaside shoes (a necessity if the beach is anything but sandy) and rain/snow boots or galoshes, until a saw a very stylish girl at the airport a couple of weeks ago sporting a Furla Candy bag, and I found it appropriate! I saw a selection in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago, so I looked up some items for you.

Jelly Madness by carolgrant. Handbags are OK if you don't mind your belongings in plain view and knocking around inside, as there are no pokets, divisions or compartments. In any case, I prefer models were jelly is opaque and reserve them for travel, when you are fitting inside a sweater, a passport, and your MP3 player or Kindle equivalent. In the case of shoes, it's not that some of the models are not cute and at a reasonable price, is that feet sweat inside rubber, and then blister! I have chosen a few that would look good with cover-ups or to walk by the water.

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