Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Costume Jewellery: Égotique

As usual, I'm in search of the unusual in accessories. I found a pair of their earrings in Polyvore and went looking for more, in case they also made interesting bracelets, necklaces and rings. Turns out the rings were not what I expected, but there was plenty of the rest.
Égotique is a new brand of jewellery (created in 2013, as far as I can see) created by two young women entrepreneurs: Clizia Monaca, and Martina Raspanti, which is perfect for the lover of geometric shapes. If you are, you are going to adore how they mix triangles, squares, and circles, creating tons of interesting combinations.
They use high-end acrylic resins, and lead-free brass that is subject to a variety plating and galvanizing baths (24kt gold and ruthenium, certified nickel free and hypoallergenic), to create a long lasting product. Their packaging is designed to be used daily, which is great, because storage of costume jewellery is always cumbersome.
In their words, they create for the woman who is " a woman who is confident, feminine, and aware". Well, a romantic she is not, but rather quite tough! I have created some sets featuring them, and will be adding more in the future, because I do like them!
See if it's your style.

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