Friday, April 5, 2013

COS: Love for H&M's light side

I was in Copenhagen on Saturday and went into COS and was very impressed by the design and the quality of the pieces. If I were 5ft8", slim and athletic, this would definitely be my style.
Behind COS is H&M, and let's say for now that COS is "H&M's light side": good tailoring as opposed to mostly bad one, mostly good materials as opposed to the tyranny of polyester. Unfortunately, they have very few shops in which you have a look at their garments, but if you live in a capital city, you may get lucky. For instance, there are only two shops in Sweden and two in Denmark, which is surprising, as every other ten shops in these countries seems to be an H&M, but there are four in Spain!
The items are not easy to work with on Polyvore, what with the hanger in there and its being pretty impossible to cut them with the editor, but I still loved some of the pieces I saw, so I have tried to make some sets anyway, belonging to the Urban Woman style. I'll add more sets to the collection as I create them.

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