Friday, March 8, 2013

Body type C: Description

Dress for Your Body Type: Body Type B

Dress for Your Body Type: Body Type C by Caroline Grant. If you are a Body Type C, your shoulders and torso are broader than your waist is not very clearly defined.

  • Average to broad shoulders.
  • Slim legs.
  • Almost no definition at the waist.
  • Very often, a flat bottom.
  • Often, short-waisted. 
The advantage they all share is that they can wear any kind of trousers, whatever is on trend, and also lots of skirts. When Body Type Cs put on weight, it usually starts on their belly and torso, and then it is the last place they lose it. This is the main challenge when dressing, especially if they have a full middle.
What's the ideal?
To soften the shoulder line, balancing it with their lower body, and to create definition at their waist, elongating their middle.
How to achieve it?
  • Choosing tops in solid colours.
  • Not accentuating the width of their shoulders, choosing certain necklines and sleeves, and avoiding wide lapels.
  • Avoiding details on the bust completely or, in the case of boyish types, some could be used, like breast pockets or vertical pleating in light fabrics.
  • Layering subtly, with fitted pieces. Anything oversized would accentuate their upper body in relation to their lower body.
  • Avoiding using bulky materials on the bust, like chunky knits.

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