Friday, March 8, 2013

Best Skirts for Body type C Part 1

Let´s remember first the ideal for Body type Cs:
To soften the shoulder line, balancing it with their lower body.
Also, to create definition at the waist, elongating their torso.
Skirts can help to achieve the ideal by...
  1. Choosing cuts and patterns that create the illusion of curviness.
  2. Choosing styles that can be worn at low waist (the narrowest point on the torso for Body Type Cs is straight under the bust or some inches below).
With that in mind... What are Body type C's best skirts?
Her best choices are styles that have a flat piece around the hips, elongating the line of her torso (and therefore, slimming it), like torso and broomstick skirts do, but other options are good too.

Torso. A smooth yoke to which soft pleats or gathers are attached, but also tiers (your classic peasant skirt, that is).

Best skirts for Body type C: Torso Skirt
Best skirts for Body type C: Torso by Caroline Grant. Maybe you would like to have a closer look at the brooch  by clicking on the link below. It was designed in the 1960s by Norwegian jeweller David Andersen, is silver guilloche (an intricate pattern engraved by machine on the metal) enamel. The skirt is last season's Hobbs, my sister bought in on sale, and it's lovely. The colours are amazing and the materials in an amazing silk twill. [Style: Urban Tweed].

Hobbs Brigitte Skirt / H&M Jacket / American Vintage Massachussetts Tank Top / Hispanitas Handbag / Hispanitas Boots / L.O.V Project Bincy Silk Scarf / David Andersen Large Bird Brooch (vintage) at / Anton Heunis Art Deco Renaissance Pendant Necklace / Tom Ford Lipstick in Wild Ginger / Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Ginger Fire.

Broomstick. Stitch-down pleats in light-weight materials like silk, wool or cotton also contribute to create a flat surface around the high hip. 

Best skirts for Body type C: Broomstick
Best skirts for Body type C: Broomstick by Caroline Grant. ICecile Bertrand's button necklaces were love at first sight for me. It is amazing what you can do with something that simple! There are other colours even prettier than this one, you can see another in the wrap skirt set below. In any case, it can be a great inspiration for a DIY project. [Style: Ladylike with a Twist].

Donna Karan Printed Skirt / H&M Jacket / Majestic Scoop Neck Top / BCBG Harlow Handbag / Charles by Charles David Cory Boots / Cecile Bertrand Button Necklace / NARS Lipstick in Casablanca / NARS Nail Lacquer in Cha Cha Cha.

Circle, semicircle, or flare. Skimming over the hips and gradually widening to a full hem. This effect can be achieved also by adding godets (triangular pieces of fabric that add length to the hem).

Best skirts for Body type As
Best skirts for Body type C: Semicircle by Caroline Grant. I have featured Rosanna Fani Isabella necklaces in many of my sets because I simply love the modern take on the traditional pearl necklace she does. I think it would be quite easy to replicate something very similar with your own beads. [Style: Urban Tweed].

Hobbs Selina Top / MaxMara Weekend Cosmos Blazer / Jigsaw Tartan Skirt / Burberry Orchard in Jacquard Handbag / Hispanitas Cordones Boots / Aspinal of London Driving Gloves / Linea Bow Deatil Trilby Hat / Lily and Lionel Python Scarf / Rossana Fani Isabella Necklace / Estée Lauder Lipstick in Red Tango / Revlon Nail Lacquer in Scarlet Chinois.

Learn about this silhouette following the label Body type C.

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