Monday, January 28, 2013

Trends SS2013: Bold colours

How to wear bold colours
Think about your season palette before choosing your "bright" colours.
From the adventurous to the emminentely wearable
Match bold prints, with colourful accessories. Make sure the size of the print is the right one for you!
Trends SS2013: Bright colours 3

Trends SS2013: Bright colours 1 by Caroline Grant. This in an outfit for the confident, fashionable woman, true, but try to mix your existing pieces into something similar (and maybe somewhat subdued) to give your wardrobe a new feel.

Choose a prim and proper silhouette in a striking colour. Depending on your budget and the price of the dress (or separates that resemble one), choose a flattering colour in the right silhouette and proportions for you, that will last beyond this year's trend.

Trends SS2013: Bright colours 4

Trends SS2013: Bright colours 2 by Caroline Grant. It is adventurous to move away from strictly neutral territory and exchange your dress in black, navy, brown, or beige. People do notice and actually appreciate others wearing colour, especially on a gray day. Try and see!

Match bright with neutral pieces. Finish off your bright separates with a coordinating printed or solid tee or a simple buttoned blouse. The opposite, matching neutral separates with a bright top is probably the best, most accessible option for most of us, and immediately cheerful and flattering.
Trends SS2013: Bright colours 2

Trends SS2013: Bright colours 3 by Caroline Grant.With these outfit, inspite of the difference in colour between bottom and top while the blazer in on. In any case, keep the line of the leg long hemming your trousers for a specific pair of shoes 1/2" from the floor.

That second option will give your neutral separates a wake up call if you choose the right (for you) bold colours.
Trends SS2013: Bright colours 5

Trends SS2013: Bright colours 4 by Caroline Grant. Cheerful, bold colours worn near the face are instantly rejuvenating after a bad night. Think not only about a top, but also a scarf in flattering colours.

Color blocking. The possibilities are numerous now: bright with bright, print with prints, or blocks of solid colours. Think strategically about colour blocking.
Trends SS2013: Bright colours 1

Trends SS2013: Bright colours 5 by Caroline Grant. Granted, these are not very bright colours, but there are three of them, which is pretty bold for most people! Remember light colours highlight and dark colours deflect attention and slim (if the cut is good). Horizontal colour blocking like this one, though, is for the tallest, as it visually cuts the silhouette in two (the two colours above are tonally similar), so you may need heels to compensate for that.

More on colour blocking next week!

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