Monday, January 14, 2013

Key accessories: Gloves

A passion for gloves
Gloves are always part of any outfit of mine when it's cold. I pay as much attention to them as to my other accessories, and I possess a good amount of pairs in my favourite colours: red, black (three pairs, one opera length, one buckled, one plain), forest green, purple, fuchsia, leopard, beige, gray (quilted), blue (half knitted, half leather), tweed (black & white). I also own two pairs of snow gloves in the appropriate materials, of course, but I'm not counting them for the purpose of this post. Currently, I am mostly missing a pair of cobalt blue ones, but I won't probably stop until I have most colours under the sky. I always buy on sale good quality leather (soft and supple, with a sheen rather than a shine).
Most Spanish fashion brands, like Zara and Mango, usually carry well made, good quality affordable gloves. Unfortunately, they do not do sizes, so they can be a no-no for many people. Marks & Spencer Autograph collection generally offers good quality options, sometimes cashmere lined too, usually in three different sizes. For a really good pair, consider more "serious" options like Dents or Aspinal of London.
A classic glove collection

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