Thursday, November 1, 2012

Accessories for the Rain (2): Galoshes

Return to the present
For most of us, galoshes were a thing of the past, images in films from the 19040s of women protecting their high-heeled shoes with rubber covers and their hairdos with scarves. Living in a country where it rains very often, they feel nothing short of an absolute necessity.  It must have to do with getting older, but you start questioning if some things, sometimes long gone, would not better be brought back, and why not by yourself? At some point you just not care about what others do, really.
Galoshes are very practical: if you buy good quality shoes and take care of them, why ruin your beloved pairs in the rain or the slush?
Give galoshes a try, I love mine.

Available in an array of colours, the City Slippers (for high-heels) have a sole decorated with a map of Tokyo, Paris, or London, and hole for the heel of your shoe. The point of your pumps is protected in any case, but in the case of the mid-cut slippers, the whole upper is protected too. [Images courtesy of Swims]
Swims galoshes
One thing can be said for Scandinavian design: it is always highly practical in nature, and almost universally top-notch quality, while at the same time, original and stylish.
Swims galoshes are a good example of it. They make three versions for women: low cut and mid-cut City Slippers, for high-heeled shoes (the first protect shoes with buckles, bows, or other details, the second protect booties), and ballerinas (to protect sneakers and flats). They are on the pricey side, but it is easy to get them at a discount (today I checked, and was having a 50% sale on them), and they are surprisingly beautiful and fashionable for an item that is not very attractive in itself.

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