Monday, June 4, 2012

Red Lipstick Basics 2: How to shop for the right red lipstick

The right shade for you
If you haven't read Red Lipstick Basics 1: How to distinguish reds, remember that, when choosing red lipstick, reds can be bluish (think red roses), or orange-ish (think geraniums). You can read a physical description of the people who look best in warm colours (Autumn and Spring palettes), and in cool colours (Winter and my Summer palettes).

Once you know what kind of reds are best for you: cool or warm ones, and your palette, go to a shop and do some testing.
Shopping for red lisptick
You will need to choose a department store or a big cosmetics shop. The idea is that you are able to compare a good number of brands, as you will probably be testing only two to four lipstick from each brand.

The name of the colour can be used as a starting point, as brands do not call a yellow red "scarlet". Unfortunately (that is, for this purpose only), brands are very imaginative when naming their reds, and it's easier to find something like Spanish Red or Passion red than anything actually meaningful, but if something in the name implies the shade, it can give you some clues.
Test different reds on your hand, trying to distinguish the amount of blue or yellow inside, and the depth of the colour (less pygment in glosses, more in satin lipsticks, and a lot more in matte ones). Once you have a few, you will be able to tell which ones are which and you decide among them.

Invest in the very best possible quality
Low-end brands (Maybelline, L'ôreal, Sephora...) are good for a lot of makeup items, but red lipstick is not one of them.
Red lipstick is VERY unforgiving , and by choosing a high-end one you will ensure permanence (so you don't have to worry about it all the time), and prevent bleeding.

    Lipliner is crucial
    1. Again, you have to choose a high-end brand, for permanence and to prevent bleeding. Invest in a good one,with a double tip: a brush on one end and the liner on the other. It will be easier to retouch your makeup when going out. I'm very happy with my Lancôme Le lipstique in red, as it has made my life easier when applying red lipstick, but I'm sure there are more out there.
    2. It has to match the colour of the lipstick EXACTLY. Big big DON'T: any lipliner darker than the lipstick, it's SO SO tacky.

    Additionally, you can follow the label Colour savvy to learn more about colours.

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