Monday, June 11, 2012

Light Summer Palettes: Best colours

About their colours
The palette for Light Summers is mostly soft: soft blue grays, rose colours (from light to deep), watermelon red and other soft blue reds, and blue-greens. The general impression is very elegant.

Best neutrals:
  • Gray-blue.
  • Medium blue.
  • Rose brown.
  • NOT black.

Colour combinations:
There is not a lot of contrast in it. Shades of similar intensity create an unbroken line, harmonious.
  • Gray-blue and lavender or powder pink.
  • Blue-greens: soft teal, spruce, and aqua.
  • Medium blues and clear aqua.

Makeup for the Summer palettes

Red lipsticks for the Summer palette: a shopping guide.
Best lipstick colours for the Summer palettes.

Light Summer palette: Blues and greens
Light Summer palette: Blues and greens by Caroline Grant. Plenty of blue-greens and soft red blues, plus medium intensity shades like true blue and teal. Spruce is the deepest green, a shade softer than forest or pine green and therefore more suitable for Light Summers.

Light Summer palette 3
Light Summer palette: Violet, reds, and pinks by Caroline Grant. Soft reds and pinks are best for the Light Summer.

Light Summer palette: Browns, grays, and beige
Light Summer palette: Browns, grays, and beige by Caroline Grant. Very soft, creamy shades plues grays with a certain amount of blue inside. 


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  1. My son is a light Summer, but I am having a hard time finding the right blue for him--especially to match his eyes. He is blond with blue eyes, and the aqua colors you recommend clash with his eyes. I am a spring and always thought that summers wore pastel colors. Isn't there a pastel blue that a light summer could wear? Also, can you post a picture of the medium blue that you list as a light summer neutral? Thank you!