Friday, June 15, 2012

How to wear Tangerine Tango makeup

Who looks good in Tangerine Tango?
Tangerine Tango is a deep reddish orange, so it has quite a lot of personality. Neither the Winter nor the Summer palettes look good in it, and neither does most of the Spring palette, with the notable exception of the Warm Springs.
The following palettes look good in Tangerine Tango lipstick:
As with any shade of red, if you go for Tangerine Tango lipstick, keep the rest of the makeup simple.
Who is doing Tangerine Tango lipsticks?
Lots of brands, but although there are plenty of colours out there that are called "Tangerine Tango" some of them are actually not that deep shade of red-orange, but may suit warm palettes also.
For instance:

  • Estée Lauder - Lasting crème - Red Tango 337 is the perfect Tangerine Tango, and a lipstick that is really long lasting.
  • Sephora - Crème Lipstick Tangerine Tango Cream, is NOT Tangerine Tango, but an orange that could suit other palettes, if not faint-hearted.

Tangerine inspired makeup

If you look good in the orange family, but Tangerine Tango is too strong for you, here's a beautiful, elegant way of creating a Tangerine-inspired look. I just found Ms Jen's blog, "From Head to Toe".
Notice  how simple the eye makeup is, with just an echo of the orange in the eye shadow.

Most Asian and Latin women are Winters, but there are Deep Autumns too. Ms Jen is obviously an Autumn, she looks so nice in orange shades! She also has an easy to follow makeup tutorial that you can watch to get the look.


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