Thursday, April 19, 2012

1960s Hairstyles

Those 1960s hairstyles

My style icon, Mad Men, has entered the "Swinging Sixties" era big time, and there are your 1960s hairstyles, bigger than ever!

The beehive (1), the bouffant (2), the flip (3&8), the updo (5), the Paris Look (7), and more... all 1960s glorious hairstyles. You can find more here.

The Bouffant and Raymond Bessone

This was one of the most popular styles during the 1960s, but has become a true classic since then (we have been able to see it on the heads of quite a bunch of European queens, very much as Jackie Kennedy used to have it, for decades!). Brigitte Bardot, I think, contributed more than anyone to its enduring appeal.
Its creation is attributed to British celebrity hairdresser (the celebrity mania seems to have started then) Raymond Bessone, also known as Mr. Teasie-Weasie, for some reason. You can see some real life videos of him here. The footage may seem a bit silly from today's point of view, until you remember what kind of shows designers put up today. The images of Louis Vuitton's RTW runway show Autumn 2012 knocked me off my feet, but not because there was a train on stage, but because of the not so subtle class implications of the whole styling: porters are now an accessory, apparently.
I find the cuts and hairstyles he created very innovative, starting with the Shangri-La. Vidal Sassoon says he learnt everything there is to learn about cutting hair from him when he was his apprentice.


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