Monday, January 16, 2012

Gloss domination is over...

...Long live the lipstick!
Gloss domination is over
A bit over the top? I don't think so!
In praise of lipstick...
After years of lipstick domination, the lipstick is back! And, more importantly for the purpose of this blog, red lipstick, the queen of all lipsticks, is back. By that I mean one has started to see it on actual, real-life, women on the street. It still stands out, but for me, it's here to stay.
I was hopeful when I started seeing it on models' lips on the runways a couple of years ago, and also on photo editorials, but it was nowhere to be seen (in the streets of Europe, at least), until recently.
...Not so much of lip gloss
I'm sorry, but I don't hold with lip gloss. And I have tried the high-end ones, believe me (LancĂ´me, Bobbi Brown...). I'm not talking out of resentment (only a bit), just general annoyance: I jumped into the nude lipstick wagon as soon as I could.
The case against lip gloss:
  1. Its stickiness. Try living in a alternatively breezy or windy city, having long hair, and wearing gloss on your lips, and you'll know what I mean! I bet lots of you do.
  2. Its lack of permanence. Try speaking for hours wearing it, or eating or drinking absolutely anything, it's even worse. I can go through an entire meal wearing lipstick and there it is, almost intact.
  3. It never gives you real colour, only shine. Which is something but, for me, the disadvantages are too much... 
  4. When applied over lipstick, it just dissolves it, and all lipstick's good qualities are then lost. It's a makeup combination for a photo shoot or an hour long date. Tops.

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