Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hispanitas AW 2011-2012

Meet Hispanitas
Hispanitas is a Spanish brand that specializes in leather shoes and handbags. It represents how good Spanish shoes can be. By the way, Camper, which perhaps you also know (if I remember correctly an newspaper article I read some years ago, one of their items, the "Pelotas" is extremely popular with some international celebrities), is also a Spanish brand.
Hispanitas uses durable, flexible leathers, making (generally) very comfortable shoes. They combine in their designs the trendy with their own style: from the menswear-inspired, with distressed leathers and cordovan (which is a leather colour, the name comes from the city of Córdoba, in Spain), to decidedly lady-who-lunches styles. Hispanitas has been increasing its international presence in the last two decades, and you can find its shoes now around Europe and the US.
Hispanitas does menswear shoes
Some models from Hispanitas AW 2011-2012 Collection, featuring menswear-inspired shoes. 
Their Webpage: A Review
As of 2012, Hispanitas' web page and online shop are a nightmare to navigate, I'm sorry to say. You have to be extremely determined to keep on browsing. If you decide to forgo this experience, which I would completely understand, the truth is that you can also find their models in many online shops. However, the selection is never, to my experience, as good as at their own's.

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