Friday, April 29, 2016

Best skirts for Body type Bs. Part 2

What  to look for:

  • Fluid fabrics, that drape, but not stiff or firm: silk, lightweight wools. The idea is to skim their curves, neither accentuating them (they decide the context for that), nor hiding them).
  • Construction: clean lines that, again, skim their curves. Darts to ease full hips.
  • Monochromatic or tonal color combinations to create a longer, leaner silhouette.
  • Hemmed at knee length, to show off shapely legs.
  • Their waist must be always the focal point: never forgo shaping at the waist with a sash, obi or cummerbound (contoured) belt.

What to avoid:

Although when Body type Bs put on weight, they do it all round, they should pay special attention to:
  • Cut on the bias pieces (diagonally cut) in narrow silhouettes that will accentuate any weight carried on the thighs. It's not a matter of loosing a bit of weight, ladies, the skirt will stick to your saddlebags, if any, ALWAYS. Opt instead for an A-line or circle cut to get the benefits of a bias cut (softly adapting to your curves, a lot of movement and fluidity) and none of the disadvantages.
  • Excessive material at the waist or around the hips, like in a dirdl, or any pleats in medium to thick wools or in thin wools not stiched down to the low hip, or flounces.
  • Thick materials like bouclĂ© or mohair wool, that create unwanted additional volume.
  • Open darts. These are NOT flattering for curvy bodies because they add unnecessary volume on the lower body, when it is essentially well balanced with the upper body.

In particular

  • Watch out for proportions: high-waisted items will make your torso look excessively short, unless you pair it with a slash-, boat- turtle-necks.
  • Combining a busy bottom with a busy top, because we are looking to create an AUL.
  • Full skirts and excessive fabric add volume and detract from your height.


  • Tiered and horizontal detailing breaks up the line of your silhouette.
  • Strategic colour blocking that creates horizontal lines, not vertical.

Best skirts for Body type Bs. Part 1.
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