Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DOs and DONTs of swimwear: Fit and cut

When you choose the right swimsuit for YOU, the right fit will put you half way there.


Swinsuit Democracy collage by Caroline Grant. [Photos from glamour.com] Ladies, it's not our size that counts when wearing a swimsuit, but the fit. Tell me if they do not all look wonderful in the photo on the right!
  1. Choose a colour that flatters you. Those that are fair will look better in dark blue or a rich brown than in black.
  2. Forget about the size tag. The important thing is how the swimsuit looks and feels on you. Consider that separates may adjust to your needs better than a one-piece suit.
  3. Look for the right amount of support.
  4. Avoid too much exposure, you may want to leave something to the imagination.
  5. Avoid too much coverage, you may not want to look ancient either. Full-on coverage will make your butt look bigger, go for a bit of cheek better.
  6. Let the activity dictate the suit: if you are going to be active -dive, swim or play with children or do any sports-, a one-piece suit will be your best bet, because even bikinis that look secure will move and even fall off. If, on the contrary, you are going to be lounging by the pool, you can go for strictly "parade" pieces.
  7. Go for a brand you trust.

SUPPORT is the key word here. Check the side and front view to see that you are getting it. Center and aligned is what you are going for. This means that:
  • String bikinis are only for self-supporting breasts.
  • Sizable straps are a must for cups D and above. Tie-yourself halters that offer full coverage or a racer back are also good.
  • The bottom band needs to be wide and somewhat firm.
  • Coverage: enough that there is no side or rear exposure.
  • A high-cut leg opening at the widest part of the hip will make your legs look longer and slimmer, as it will create an upward angle.
  • A low-rise waist will add curves to narrow hips and minimize wider ones.
  • Go for a customized fit: a tie-it-yourself will let you adjust your suit to your needs, and so will separates in different sizes, if that is what you need.
  • Let your breasts spill out or point south or east and west.
  • Flatten your breasts or create a uniboob.
  • Wedgies: always a NO.
  • Bottoms hitched up high so they dig in front and back. Ouch!
  • High rises: the higher the rise of the bottom, the bigger the difference between the waist and the high and lower hip for those with saddlebags. A high rise will round up your belly and make it more visible, while a medium to low rise (but not extremely low: your belly will hang out) will create a horizontal line that will divide the space visually.
  • In general, boyshorts: they cut the leg straight across instead rather than at an upward angle. They only work on the narrowest figures.

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