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Shapewear: Bodysuits

Best Thing Ever: Bodysuits, Bodybriefs, Singlets...
Bodysuits are the perfect under garment support for women looking for a seamless, line-free silhouette. Regardless of the name they receive, bodysuits move with the body and provide a fuss-free experience of control underwear. They are the modern version of the slip, really. Remember those satin and lace creations every woman in Falcon Crest and Dynasty seemed to be wearing under her dress? I never got to wear one, as they had gone out of fashion when I reached adulthood, but I now see their point completely.
I find them incredibly convenient and are my go-to option now since I tried and bought one last year. I was living then in Sweden, and being comfortable (but pretty) cycling everywhere was my top priority. Also, if a naughty breeze threatened to show everything I had to the world (not that anyone would care, Swedes are above that), this was a great option.
Finally, as you probably very well know, after a certain age our bodies just start changing, and any hormonal changes are quickly reflected on them. Alas, the firmness of your skin changes with your menstrual cycle, (every) pregnancy and post-pregnancy and, on top of that, you may also experience sometimes considerable water retention. Undergarments or hosiery that previously fit just great, now start to dig in, waistlines that are great part of the month turn into torture devices at other times...
Bodysuits are a good answer to those needs.

Bodysuits provide:
  • A second-skin fit, moving with you. 
  • Elimination of back rolls and pantie lines.
  • Thigh, tummy and rear control, light to firm depending on your preference. For instance, my mother hates wearing anything tight, so she goes light control and one size up. 
  • A warm extra layer in the cold. For instance, Spanx's Slim Cognito is made with a hosiery material that is very nice and warm in winter, but nightmarish over 18°C. I remember  almost fainting once while wearing Spanx's Power Panties on a summer day... Ah, vanity... Choose a different material for winter and summer.
  • A convenient open gusset. At the beginning, you did wear them at your own peril: you had to strip down completely when going to the toilet and then get back into them. Now, all I know provide a cotton gusset that overlaps, with no hooks or snaps for bathroom convenience.
  • Pricey, but well worth it, in my opinion. Just choose well where to invest your money.
  • Possible unibottom (i.e. the appearance you're wearing a nappy). Choose one that divides your bottom in two halves under trousers like Maidenform's  Flexees Singlet.
  • Cozy and warm in winter can turn into a possible hot nightmare in spring and summer: think about the material, as I mentioned above.
  • The WYOB styles do create a push-up effect you may want to avoid (or not, but be aware of it before leaving the house).

Shapewear: Bodysuits

Shapewear: Bodysuits by Caroline Grant. Ms. Gibson is wearing Spanx's Slimplicity Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit and, over it, Spanx's Fashion Polka Dot Sheers. As she is a paper doll, she doesn't feel the cold in the same way we would...
The bra and hosiery issue
You may be wondering... What about the bra?
  1. You can either wear your own bra (WYOB, as it is known in the business), or 
  2. Choose a model with its own bra, either with underwire (ideally removable) that provides the support you need (cups B or C) or no underwire (cup A). In the latter case, cups could be added between bodysuit and body, for modesty, re-shaping or prosthetic purposes.
And the hosiery? I think the best option is to wear them over the bodybrief. They will be easy to pull down (as they will slide over the material better than over the skin), and they will dig in less. I sometimes wear high-waisted tights under my bodybrief, but I can't say it's the most comfortable thing in the world...

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