Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eyelet vibe: Saint Tropez

Hail the Meditterranean
St. Tropez, in the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur, if you're French) is a lovely town with a rich artistic history (Mattisse, Signac, and Bonnard all painted there), cradle of Fauvism and Pointillism, no less.
It is an eminently tourist town that holds multiple regattas at different points of the years, so it's incredibly crowded if you visit it in high-season. It's much better to go there out of season, and even in winter, to truly understand its charm. In any case, it's a typical Mediterranean coastal town, and that's what I was going for...

Eyelet vibe: Saint Tropez
Eyelet vibe: Saint Tropez by Caroline Grant. The dress is Delia's, a shop for teenagers and young women, but sometimes, especially if you are not tall (the dresses tend to be short), you can find nice, inexpensive, summer dresses in cotton that you do not need to be very careful about. The sandals are Söfft, padded for added comfort, one of my go-to shoe brands. [Photo credits: Harbour Boats and Waterfront Houses and Village Rooftops and Church Tower by David Tomlinson, and Pizzeria and Diners, by Wayne Walton, at lonelyplanet.com]. [Style: Ladylike with a Twist].
Delia Kellie Eyelet Dress / Kate Spade New York Waverly Terrace Handbag / Söfft Raphaella Shoes / Battenberg Lace Parasol / Kate Spade New York Be Art and Part Idiom Bracelet / Kate Spade New York True Colors Idiom Bracelet / Hervé van der Straeten Earrings / San Diego Chill Out Ribbon Hat / Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Corail Légende / Yves Saint Laurent Nail Lacquer in Corail Divin.


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