Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Eyelet vibe: Rome

I had an Archeology professor that used to say Rome would always be his city of choice above any other else in the world. I understood very well why the first time I emerged from the Colosseo underground station and looked around. Then not only you are overwhelmed by the sense of history, but the beauty of it. Then you understand why so many people refer to it as La Città Eterna, (the eternal city).
Apart from all the architectural magnificence, you get the fun of the city, the style, and the great food (and the icecream!). If you speak Spanish, they will already consider you a cousin (not that much if you are French, I'm afraid).

Eyelet vibe: Rome
Eyelet vibe: Rome by Caroline Grant. [Photo credits: Trevi Fountain at pixdaus.com, View of the Coliseum and View of the Vatican Museums at italysbestrome.com]. There is something in halter neck dresses that bring out the sexy and glamorous in all women, I guess because we associate them with images of beauty icons such as Ms. Loren or Ms. Monroe. And then there are the images of Ms. Hepburn sitting at the back of Mr. Peck's Vespa, which conjures up the feeling of endless holiday adventure possibilities. Actually, halter neck dresses create the perfect frame for what is most women's best features: face, neck and décolletage. The only problem is the bra: you have to go strapless (and we know what that means: a really comfortable strapless bra has yet to be invented) or choose a dress with an incorporated bra. [Style: Ladylike with a Twist].
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