Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eyelet vibe: Paris

Eyelet vibe: Paris
Eyelet vibe: Paris by Caroline Grant. [Photo credits: Le Metropolitain at MarcoLaGrenouille, Le Pont at, and Streetlights in Paris streets at]. This is the image we (for good or bad) associate with Parisians: dressed to the hilt in killer heels, exuding chic from all pores. The single most important detail that identifies a stylish woman, from my point of view, is the use of accessories, and among them, the hat and silk scarf. There is a resurrection of the use of hats going on that I'm modestly contributing to (I wear hats almost daily in winter, berets and cloches, mostly, but more on that next winter).
Now I think of it, it is actually true that French women wear very high heels very often, as the corresponding studies about posture and skeletal deformation prove. Being just plain evil? Well, yes and no, it's the truth, but they do look stylish! [Style: Modern Classic].

Marks and Spencer Cotton Rich Square Neck Broderie Shift Dress / Tamara Leather Jacket / Chanel Handbag (vintage) / Marni Edition Patent Shopper Handbag / Nine West Just Right Boots / Victoria Grant Red Siouxie Sioux Hat / Herself Ginger Pink Scarf / Mimco Flirtation Earrings / Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Orange Imagine / Yves Saint Laurent Nail Lacquer in Rouge Pop Art.


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