Monday, March 11, 2013

How bad can you look in a really unflattering colour?

Well, see for yourself...
Fashion versus Reality
It doesn't matter that a colour is extremely fashionable, if it does not look good on you, you shouldn't wear it.
I think last year's Tangerine Tango rave and this year's Nectarine hullabaloo are very good examples of how you may be tempted to buy and wear a colour that is not flattering for you. In the case of Tangerine Tango, a lovely reddish orange, a deep saturated shade, the only people who look good in it are Autumns and Warm Springs. In the case of Nectarine, a sort of salmon, it's Warm and Soft Autumns, Light Summers, and Warm and Light Springs who look good in it (check the palettes to make sure of your shade). Well, the rest of us, be it mere mortals or models on runway shows (theoretically dressed and madeup by artists, as the photos below prove), should abstain from wearing it anywhere around the face.
There is no power on earth that will make you look good in a colour if it's not in your palette. And bronzer WON'T help, it'll rather make things much worse.

Tangerine Nightmare
Elie Tahari RTW SS2012 Runway show. A classic on how not to do things.

All of these models (from left to right: Lily Zhi, Svieta Nemkova, Karolina Waz, and Simone Carvalho) look hideous in orange. Through no fault of their own, I must say. The idea of using orange bronzer to hide that fact is completely unsuccessful, not only because it's an ugly product (not all bronzers are evil, but this one is), but because the makeup artists have stopped applying it below the neckline... You can clearly see the line where it stops! (Photos from, from left to right: 29, 27, 28, 33).
The maxim
Own you style... and the colours that suit you.

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