Monday, February 25, 2013

Cool Summer: Looks

What do Cool Summers look like?
  • General appearance: cool and soft.
  • Natural hair: ash brown, deep ash blond, deep ash gray.
  • Eyes: gray, gray blue, or blue green.
Cool Summers' complexion is stronger that that of the Light Summers and colder that that of the Soft Summers (who can wear a lot of warm colours). CMB's description says that they look great in blue, but I really find they look amazing in emerald turquoise, soft teal, and spruce (a blue-ish shade of pine green). On the other hand, they share tons of colours not only with Cool Winters, but also with Clear Winters. I actually think they should be called Clear Summers, it would make things easier to understand, as they are the colder counterpart of Clear Springs.

Cool Summer
Cool Summer Looks by Caroline Grant. I wasn't enjoying looking for people for this palette until I remembered Vivian Leigh, because I really hate using celebrities for anything in my blog, and least of all, people who have done nothing but marry someone else. However, this is not a palette which is not exactly "overflowing" with people, as this combination of hair colour, eyes, and skin tone is really rare, as far as I can tell.


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