Monday, January 7, 2013

Get the skinny on the coated jeans trend

Part of being a style blogger is, obviously, following fashion trends by reading fashion columns and blogs in newspapers and magazines and visiting style sites. There is another, perfectly logical, way: just stumbling upon one... I just bought a pair and then realized they were everywhere, the cheap alternative to leather!

Coated trousers by Caroline Grant. Coated jeans are a good alternative to leather jeans (cheaper and less high-maintenance) and you can now find them from classic black to metallic shades (Vero Moda offers absolutely gorgeous shades) and animal patterns, in skinny or slim cuts, with extra low, low or normal waists. Visit my polyvore collection for more information on the trousers or click on them to go to the shop.

Styling tips for Body types
Almost all coated jeans come in the skinny cut variety. I'm afraid this is one of those unforgiving trends that designers concoct but only really work for extremely slim people.
  • Body type As: this is not a good bet for you, my advice is that you avoid these altogether, they will do nothing for you but accentuate the difference between your lower and upper body.
  • Body type Bs: if you are slim, you probably already have them, but you may want to achieve a less form-fitting silhouette.
  • Body type Cs: initially, skinny pants are made for you, those graced with slim hips, with a couple of caveats: first, that your middle is not very full, because then you're in "icecream cone territory", and second, that your bottom is not very flat.
Then again, they are absolutely ubiquitous, so you may want to give in to this trend or just find it convenient.
The secret allies
  1. The perfect rise. Super low rise jeans will make your legs look shorter and your stomach (if any) bulge, while the super high option will also emphasize the difference between hips and the rest of the body and present the same tummy problem. Medium rise jeans (an inch or two below your belly buttom) will visually cut any tummy in two and not shorten your legs. Find out your best bet in front of a mirror watching out for proportions.
  2. Control underwear for thighs and tummy (Body Wrap, Spanx, Janira...).
  3. Tonal combination. Choose the same colour for top and bottom or a slimming cardigan in the same colour as the trousers.
  4. Proportions are all-important: a tight bottom requires a loose top to balance the silhouette.
COMING SOON!! Styling tips for skinny pants...

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