Monday, December 10, 2012

Light Spring Characters

What do Light Springs look like?
  • General appearance: soft and delicate.
  • Natural hair: blonde or golden gray.
  • Eyes: blue, blue green, light green.
About their colours
Light Spring's complexion is very delicate, so the idea is not to overwhelm it. That means they should avoid both very dark (black, navy, or coffee brown) or muted, dusty colours, as they would look tired, pale, and even unhealthy if they wear them. They should also avoid strong contrasts between colours in the patterns or garments they wear, as they will disappear altogether behind them.

Light Springs
Light Spring Characters by Caroline Grant. It has been hard to pinpoint characters belonging to the Light Spring palette, because many actresses either dye their hair red or highlight it in warm, deep gold colours, plus use makeup to enhance their eyes. Both things alter the contrast between their eyes, hair, and skin, so it is easy to mistake them for Warm Springs or Clear Springs. What I did to determine their season is to look for photos in which they were wearing the softer and stronger colours in the Spring palettes, and see how they looked in them.

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