Sunday, October 28, 2012

Martha Rodgers' Style

The style
Martha Rodgers' style can be surely described as flamboyant. Bright, clear colours are piled up together creating over the top ensembles that are still in good taste. Here is a woman who has fun with her wardrobe, expresses an outgoing personality, and is full of energy and vitality.
Her style is the epitome of quirky, but with classic pieces. It works for her.
Susan Sullivan is a medium height Body Type C and a Clear Spring.

Style elements:
  • Clear Spring palette but, as her hair is dyed red, she sometimes wears Warm Spring colours too. Lots of blues, purples and blue pinks (mostly fuchsia or raspberry) populate her wardrobe, mixed with other colours, not necessarily complementary ones: fuchsia with periwinkle and black, for instance, or yellow, black, red and blue.
  • Makeup: always very strong lipstick colours, like deep red and, fuchsia.
  • Mixture of patterns tons of animal prints, preferably zebra and leopard in unexpected colours. She owns a nightgown that merges giraffe, zebra and leopard in brown tones over leopard pyjamas. She may choose a tiger print top in yellow and black and a jacket with red flowers over black that is crossed by thin yellow lines. She also wears black and white prints with blocks of colours that are flattering, like sky blue or yellow
  • Accessories: the correct term to apply here is, pure and simple, overload. A big statement necklace, from a costume jewellery classic like Kenneth Jay Lane, or someone new, like Kate Spade, plus big hoop earrings, plus a cocktail ring. When most women would look at themselves in the mirror and eliminate one accessory, Martha just keeps it... or adds another one.


  1. Who is Martha's favorite fashion designers?

    1. I'm afraid I have no idea about the clothes... I do recognize some of the designers for her jewelry, most prominently, Kenneth Jay Lane.
      If anyone out there can help answer this question, they're welcome to comment here.