Friday, October 5, 2012

Designer collaborations: Missoni for Lindex

Missoni for Lindex

The background
Lindex's collaboration with Missoni consisted on a search through the Italian brand's archive for patterns to produce. Three were finally chosen: Missoni's classic zig-zag (the one that makes the brand instantly recognizable), butterflies and flowers. The collection was launched in shops 25th September.
The result
The collaboration between Missoni and Lindex has been extremely successful. The items looked and felt good and, in contrast with other designer collaborations, which are usually done in cheap, low-quality materials but at expensive prices, this one featured non artificial materials (mainly viscose for the garments, and leather for the handbags) at really affordable prices. A pleasure to see and touch. My only caveat is that almost most colours were warm and muted, best suited for women (and children) in the Autumn and Spring palettes. That makes sense because most Swedes belong to those palettes, but leaves the rest of us to hunt around Century21st for Missoni items.
Four days into the launch there were almost no items to be found. One of the reasons can be, of course, that as usual people have bought massive amounts of the items to resell them afterwards, at considerably increased prices (a wrap dress from 600SEK to 800 or 900SEK, still a bargain for Missoni). In this case, you can find some items on, Sweden's equivalent to eBay*.

* Type on a search engine "missoni for lindex" and "blocket". You will probably need to use a translator tool to navigate the site (eg. as, of course, everything is in Swedish. Check the information provided against, for sizes and measurements).

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