Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fictional characters: Brenda Leigh Johnson

The character
I have recently finished watching the first four seasons of The Closer with a feeling of great enjoyment. Not because I agree with the ideas on crime fighting of the series, but because its main character, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, played by great actor Kyra Sedgwick, is a woman who doesn't let you down, intellectual or stylistically, which is something that doesn't happen often enough on television. Not by far. The character is well constructed, striking a balance between strengths and weaknesses, and she is not there for eye candy.
The style
D.C. Johnson shows a disquieting affection for girly flowers, but you have to admire it because she dares to dress her own way in a male dominated work environment. That way is very ladylike (albeit old-fashioned and incredibly boring), which is VERY unsophisticated for Los Angeles and for her position. She is a figure of authority and not precisely over abundant in political savviness and finesse, requirements both of a Deputy Chief of police: her style of policing is more sledge hammer than surgical tool.
Keyra Sedgwick is a Soft Autumn and a Petite Body type C.

Style elements:

  • Makeup: pinks and corals that, although in her palette, make her mouth really big.
  • Key garments: flowery (literal flowers perfectly suitable for girls or old conservative ladies) anything :You name it, it's in her wardrobe: dresses, skirts, twinsets... . Ugly, ill-fitting polyester jackets. And a baby pink trench.
  • Accessories: almost none, except a watch.
  • Palette colours: although Johnson does not stray far from her Soft Autumn palette (no black, for instance), she does tend towards the sweeter, more "saccharine" shades in it: especially baby pink and blue and other pastel shades, and also chooses very unexciting, predictable colour combinations: navy and pastel pink, baby pink, warm rose pink and white, dull browns.
  • Hairstyles: either loose hair or any updo that lets you know fast that her hair was on the way and she just pinned it with something to be comfortable. I seem to remember her having a pencil inserted in her updo at one time.

Brenda Leigh Johnson Style

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