Monday, July 9, 2012

Best tops for work

A fitted turtleneck. Go for a close fit with a length that allows you to tuck it in if you want to but that doesn't swallow you up because it's too long. Choose cotton and Lycra blends, silk, wool, and cashmere. Pair it with wide trousers and miniskirts (A-line above the knee, with matte dark tights and/or boots).
Women's right to vote
Suffragettes did that for us. We vote now, are allowed into all university degrees and work, and are entitled to equal pay for an equal job also because of those early protesters, who were proto-feminists of a sort.
A twinset or matching shell and cardigan. Go for a close fit in both items, it's more modern. Instead of accessorizing with pearls (a classic, true, but of a conservative sort), try something more edgy. Always consider your twinsets an investment, so buy the best quality you can afford: wool, cashmere and blends with silk, and you will be wearing them forever. For that reason choose neutrals or really flattering colours from your seasonal palette (Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter).
Posters to denounce the injustice of the restriction against women to vote.
Dressy top. Avoid showing cleavage by wearing a camisole underneath any top, it will save you from feeling self-conscious during work hours. Adjustable wraps give the best fit, as they can be adapted to your body (as opposed to faux wraps). As this top can be potentially very curve-hugging, pair it with an A-line skirt, or boot-cut jeans.
Women in action: the Suffragettes
Women tried at first peaceful ways of convincing politicians and society of the right of women to vote. They became organized, founded newspapers, marched in parades, sold newspapers on the streets, planned and attended meetings.
Button-down shirt and blouses. Close-fitting, but not gaping open at the bust. Try it on, check that it does close around your chest (move in it opening your arms and flexing them), or go a size up and have it taken in anywhere you need to. Don't close of the buttons up to your neck, it's to uptight.
Not beyond torture
Suffragettes went to prison and sometimes entered hunger strikes to protest their situation. They were then force-fed.
  • Always choose natural fibers, as polyester and poly-blends are not breathable and cause smells.
  • Slinky, clingy, and stretchy is a sure recipe for showing every detail of your upper body and bra.
  • Check your white tops every season, as they turn gray or yellow with time.
  • If the material is see-through, wear a camisole in your nude (see below), or in a colour matching your top. 
  • Keep things classic and simple: no wacky or loud prints.
  • No kiddy stuff (Hello Kitty, Disney characters...).
  • No inappropriate messages: either rude or political.
What to wear under your tops
  • A T-shirt bra under anything the least bit close-fitting. Have it professionally fitted if you are not sure you are wearing the right size (both bust and cup measurements).
  • A camisole with a built-in bra in your nude shade (depending on your skin colour, that can vary from ivory to cocoa)

DOS and DON'TS of tops

Do go for classic silhouettes like the ones mentioned above. Avoid overworked constructions or detailing.
Do choose your most flattering colours for your tops, not just neutrals.
Do wear a T-shirt bra: no seams, molded cup, in a nude tone (or a camisole with a built-in bra).  Keep it new so it fulfills its function.

Don't show cleavage or your navel.
Don't wear sheer tops if your bra shows in the least, no matter how pretty the bra is.
Don't wear mesh, it's tacky (anywhere and everywhere, I may add).
Don't wear kiddy stuff.

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