Monday, February 18, 2013

Soft Summer palettes: Best colours

The Soft Summer is very elegant and subdued. The idea is to enhance their natural elegance by choosing shades that will make them glow, not be overwhelmed, so they have to be extra careful with their choices of colour. Harsh shades like neon or electric ones are not good on them, they need instead either pastels like mint and rose beige or rich shades like burgundy, amethyst and purple. Very dark colours would not be good on them either: their darkest shades are rose brown, charcoal, and light navy.

Best neutrals:
  • Light navy.
  • Charcoal and medium gray.
  • Cocoa, rose brown, and rose beige.
Other colours:
  • Pinks in the rose family.
  • Blues like purple, periwinkle, and amethyst.
  • Green blues like teal, jade, and turquoise.
Colour combinations:
As with other Summers, mixing the richer colours in their palette with their pastels and muted shades is better than putting strong shades together.
  • Rose brown and rose pinks.
  • Light navy and mint or rose pink.
  • Rose beige and cocoa or rose brown.


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