Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soft Autumn palettes: Best Colours

About their colours
Soft Autumns' colours have mostly rich, warm undertones, although there are some cooler shades, and they are muted. Soft Autumns, like the Warm palette, cannot wear black near their faces, or other very dark colours like navy or charcoal. In contrast with both the Warm and the Deep Autumn palettes, they cannot wear oranges either, except salmon (if we consider it a kind of very very soft orange). Soft Autumn's colours can mix them boldly, too, pairing green turquoise with coffee brown, for instance.

Best neutrals:
  • Coffee brown (the darkest colour they should wear near their faces).
  • Light navy.
  • Gray greens like olive and khaki.
  • Stone and camel.
Other colours:
  • Purple and aubergine (e.g. for night, instead of black).
  • Mahogany and rust.
  • Soft green turquoises (not harsh).
Colour combinations:
  • Camel and aubergine, or buttermilk.
  • Coffee brown and green turquoise or light moss.
  • Teal and terracotta.

Soft Autumn palette: Greens and blues
Soft Autumn palette: Greens and blues by Caroline Grant. [Background image: Apricot Rose, by Anna Knights].

Soft Autumn palette: Reds and pinks
Soft Autumn palette: Reds and pinks by Caroline Grant. [Background image: Apricot Rose, by Anna Knights].

Soft Autumn palette: Grays and browns
Soft Autumn palette: Grays and browns by Caroline Grant. [Background image: Apricot Rose, by Anna Knights].



  1. Love your blog. This page is so informative. Thanks!

  2. Dear Caroline Grant,
    Thank you so much for giving me the insight on colors and how to go about them
    I'm often teased and made fun of when, I wear some clothes.Now I realize why.
    'Who is Caroline'' and Statement of purpose,made me understand how important it is to color my self beautiful,I'm sure your guide is going to bring about a major change in my life.
    I think I'm a deep autumn,but dont look like one either, how do I know,for sure I belong to this color family.
    My eyes are deep brown,hair is black my veins look like green turqoise.Can I send my photograph ? could you help me .I wish to have your email so that I can send one to you for your expert opinion.I'm a dummy ,and wish to get better from the info you have provided via your blog .I just wish you will help me......................
    Thankyou so much,
    Love ,

    1. Dear Michele,
      Thanks for your message. Go ahead and send me some photos and we can work from there.
      Do not let anyone tease with with what you are wearing!

  3. Dear Caroline,
    I tried to contact you via contact page given on your web but couldnot do so the page directed me to a subscription page and I subscribed,
    then I tried using the Ask Caroline tab there again the pay pal redirects me to my account page and has no account details of your such that I can contact or avail your service,hope you will be help me with a way out.


    1. Hi Michele,
      Thanks so much for your message. I am looking into it now, I'm sorry that you have had problems. We can start whatever your consultation is and worry about payment details later, OK?
      Looking forward to hearing from you.