Friday, May 25, 2012

Work accessories: How to look professional

I have talked before about How to choose the perfect work bag here and here, and also about How to choose a laptop bag here. I want to focus now on other work accessories, those that also help you maintain a professional image.

Old fashioned and high-tech work accessories

How to choose your work accessories

Something for everybody
The old-fashioned ones, for those of us who still rely mostly on paper:
  • A personal organizer or planner...
  • A jotter or memo pad.
  • A pencil case.
  • A professional-looking writing pen, not to be sneered at: make a small investment in a pen with some personality to sign documents. You won't be asking to borrow one or searching for a generic ones that happens to be lying around.
  • A portfolio to carry to meetings. 
  • An attaché or briefcase.
  • A card case for your business cards.
The high-tech ones:
  • A sleeve for your mobile/smartphone BlackBerry, iPhone and such.
  • A laptop sleeve, if you are going to move around with it out of its bag.
More on work accessories? You can read about How to choose your work bag here and here.
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