Saturday, May 12, 2012

Body type B

Dress for Your Body Type: Body Type B
Dress for Your Body Type: Body Type B by Caroline Grant. If you are a Body Type B, your shoulders and torso are roughly the same width as your hips, and your waist is very clearly defined.

Specifically, she has:
  • The line of their shoulders is in balance with their hips.
  • Good legs and bust.
  • Defined waist.
The advantage Body type Bs enjoy is that they are well-proportioned, and most cultures consider theirs the ideal female body, although the bombshell potential in them makes it necessary to keep it in check for work. When Body type Bs put on weight, they do it all round, but especially around the hips and bust. The last place to put on weight is usually their waist. When they lose weight, they also notice it all round, but especially around the hips.

I am using in my blog Kendall Farr's Body Types. She's a genius.
Other names for Body type Bs are "hourglass" or even "bombshell".

What's the ideal?
To make the waist the focal point and keep the body line long.
How to achieve it?
  • Choosing monochromatic and tonal colour combinations.
  • With silhouettes that highlight their waist, worn at knee length,  among others.
  • Going for soft fabrics with drape that skim over their curves.
  • Avoiding hiding their natural contours.
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