Friday, April 20, 2012

Warm Spring palette: Best colours

About their colours
Like their counterpart, the Warm Autumns, the colours that suit them are those of a forest illuminated by the sun. I apologize for becoming lyrical, but that's what their complexion is like: full of luminous, golden light. But, in contrast with Warm Autumns, Warm Springs look best in softer, less saturated tones of the same colours. Black near their faces should be strictly out of bounds as it is very harsh on their features.
Best neutrals:
  • Dark and golden brown and also medium brown.
  • Gray green.
  • Terracotta and rust.
  • Camel, stone and cream.
Other colours:
  • Tomato red.
  • Moss green.
  • Aqua, jade, and teal.
Colour combinations:
  • Golden brown and aqua or coral.
  • Stone and moss.
  • Terracotta and gold. 

*The background to the Warm Spring sets is "Vale End Rose "by Anna Knights.


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