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How to pack for a 5-day city holiday

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Absolute maxims for packing:
  1. Everything has to go with everything else (mostly).
  2. Be prepared.
How to pack for a city holiday. A checklist:
  1. 3 Pairs of shoes. Shoes take an enormous amount of space in your suitcase, and are heavy too! One of the three pairs will be already on your feet when travelling. This sounds brutal, but stick to this rule and you will find packing much much easier and the following tips, a picnic. You will probably find another pair when shopping, anyway...
  2. Check at least two weather forecasts to be sure of what to pack. In any case, be prepared for the unexpected, like rain or extreme air-conditioning.
  3. Pack what you love to wear, not things you have been thinking about breaking in. Chances are you haven't really thought about what you are going to wear it with or its place (figuratively speaking) in your closet. If it still has the tags on, just forget about it!
  4. Avoid chunky items, layering with thinner ones is best (it's lighter, occupies less space in your suitcase, and offers the same amount of warmth).
  5. Knits are preferable, as they show wrinkles and not-that-pristine conditions less than wovens.
  6. Prints and dark colours can be worn more than once more easily than lighter ones.
  7. Separates have to combine with each other: place everything on your bed, with the shoes nearby, and check that everything goes with most everything else.
  8. Handbags: two, plus a foldable tote for purchases.
  9. Accessories, makeup, ...same rules: no breaking in and checking that they go with most everything else.
  10. Take your favourite toiletries with you. Even 5-star hotels can have really bad ones, and having to go shopping for this kind of stuff takes time if you don't know the city. Buy some small containers (at Boots, WalMart, and others), and travel-size items (toothpaste, deodorant) so you don't have to carry the whole bottle of anything with you. If you travel frequently, keep a set of these ready at all times.
What to pack for a 5-day city holiday:
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